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A quick, stable and secure internet connection is fast becoming a requirement to how we all work. At we deliver a complete telecom solution for your event, wherever it may be. Using enterprise grade equipment and an internationally experienced technical team, who are used to working along side multinational companies, we deliver the best possible service no matter what the event or where it is. From festivals, product launches, conferences, exhibitions and sponsored events, like marathons and management meetings, we deliver.

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Reliable internet access is more and more essential now. Making it easy for exhibitors to capture information, make deals and work. Allowing visitors to upload pictures and talk about your event on social media. Allowing late content changes and access to cloud storage. Hosting a parallel copy of the website at the event to add extra functions for visitors only.

If you had to fight against bad weather or a transport strike what people are saying on social media could make a massive difference to your visitor numbers.

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Phones, Tablets and Laptops. Nearly everyone is carrying one of those at all times, most take 2 to an event and some events you will find people carrying all 3, the simplest way to get people online is Wifi but far too often it is done badly. With so many use's for Wifi, from projector and lighting control to wireless comms the spectrum needs managing so everyone can work together to deliver a successful event.

If your event has a large percentage of overseas travellers, suppling a free wifi to pick up their emails on and connect their phones to is a great valve add. This is specially important on paid for conferences, not have good coverage and a reliable connection can impact next years sign ups.

From linking 2 sites over point to point links or wiring up a aircraft hanger full of computers creating networks is something we excel at. Delivered all over the world, for single day to month long shows from product launches to senior management conferences we have done the lot and are always looking for new challenges.


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